Bond, James Bond, shaken not stirred are just a few catch phrases of James Bond.  On the morning of 17 February 1952 Ian Fleming started writing what would become his first book, Casino Royale. Dušan Popov was a spy during world war 2,He enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle and many girls to follow that lifestyle.  Fleming knew Popov and followed him in Portugal, witnessing an event in the Estoril Casino where Popov placed a bet of $40,000 ($634,842 in 2013 dollars) in order to cause a rival to withdraw from a baccarat table: Fleming used this episode as the basis for Casino Royale.

These are just a few movies that depicted great action and spies spying. Hollywood paints us a clear picture of what is believed to be in the world of espionage. But, can Hollywood generate something so complex and complicated? Yes and no, to the average person we review FBI and CIA as really cool and awesome hero's who are dodging bullets left and right, jumping from buildings and in constant excitement. In reality those government jobs are just like our seemingly quiet unimportant jobs. FBI and CIA agents work long hours, some never even see battle, there is a ton of paper work, and the pay can be low. Hollywood shows us spies we want to see not what spies actually are.
Now of days the training takes a long time to become an agent. This video shows behind the scenes action of how actual agents
Movies have portrayed headcounters a huge underground cave with high power equipment. These buildings were used for intelligence purposes during the world war 2. This is a common setting for

as the headquarters of the UK Security Service (commonly known as MI5), along with being the London site of the Northern Ireland Office (NIO).

The SIS Building, also commonly known as the MI6 Building, is the
headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Service (otherwise
known as "MI6").


While reading Double Cross I was astonished on how easy it was to become a spy, 70 years ago it was easy to join an organization to spy on countries. Now of days to become an agent you must,                                             Develop your skills. Spies tend to come from varied backgrounds with a variety of skills that include foreign languages, cultural education, computer skills and people skills. Spies are typically highly educated and applicants who hold a bachelors degree at minimum are preferred. A GPA of 3.0 is usually preferred as well. Candidates should have a keen interest in foreign affairs, and they should also possess the ability to talk clearly and effectively both orally and in writing. Spies communicate with people from around the world and should know at least 3 dialogs.

Join the military.Many intelligence operatives have military experience when they are hired by an intelligence agency. Elite military units offer soldiers training in linguistics, codes, military tactics, combat skills, firearms training and even stealth. These skills are particularly useful for spies and field operatives.           

Apply to an intelligence agency. In the U.S., the CIA is the intelligence agency that hires clandestine spies. If you meet the agency's prerequisites, the organization will place you in a training program. The CIA's Clandestine Service Program accepts applicants between the ages of 25 and 35 who have military experience. The agency's Professional Trainee Program accepts applicants who who are between the ages of 21 and 25 and who lack experience in the field. These latter positions are typically headquarters based, allowing potential agents to get a feel for the agency and the nature of the work before moving on to clandestine operations.

We have heard the head line news " NSA is Spying on US" we all Snowden had exposed the NSA. We have picked sides if he was a traitor or our nations hero. On one side I am very happy that I now know what the NSA computers are doing. People are appalled to think that government spies on us, watches our texts, emails, calls, social media, and bank statements. I don't look at the NSA and think that they are disrupting my privacy. I am glad they are spying on us because It gives me a sense of safety. The only people who hate NSA are people with something to hide. I have nothing to hide, I am not a terrorist, or apart of any club wanting to destroy the earth. But, there are people out there who are terrorist and bombers who need to be stopped people who are planning mass murder. The NSA could care less about a teenagers phone call to her best friend about clothes, they care about finding a terrorist and threats to our nation. One organization has stepped up to protect our nation and I am proud of this.

MI5's performance in running a stable of double agents during the Second World War. MI5 was able to acquire clues to the existence of other Abwehr spies, and provide doctored documentation for future arrivals. Each individual was assigned a case officer from a specialist section within the counter-espionage branch to monitor every aspect of the agents' handling. A small inter-agency committee was created to liaise with other interested departments, especially to cope with the thorny issue of precisely what information could safely be conveyed to the enemy. "MI5 established a secret detection centre at Ham Common in which suspects could be isolated and interrogated."
What does it take to be a spy? We have seen in the movies agents in tip top mental, physical and emotion health. A couple traits can include:

1. Bravery, Courage, Fearlessness

2.Creativity- Spies find themselves facing all kinds of problems, each one calling for a fitting solution. 

3.Intelligence-You need to learn many skills and abilities. Each new operation calls for different skills, cover and legend, and you must be able to learn and internalize them in days.

4. Good Memory


The film gives examples of agents discovered because of inattention to details, good cover versus bad cover, and emphasizes proper attitude, study, and importance of support staff. Explains ways to infiltrate enemy territory. Illustrates effective and ineffective spy methods by comparing two agents. Ways to camouflage or dispose of revealing evidence are discussed.United States Office of Strategic Service (OSS) training film was made in the 1940s during war to properly train new agents quickly.(warning video is very long but education 
Morse code is a method of transmitting text information as a series of on-off tones, lights, or clicks that can be directly understood by a skilled listener or observer without special equipment. This was a great tool during the war. As it takes relatively long to send a message in morse code, transmitting stations, such as WWII clandestine agents, were prone to detection by means of Direction Finding. During WWII, both the Germans and the allies developed sophisticated methods for such Direction Finding (DF). Morse code can be a very hard to learn.