While reading Double Cross I was astonished on how easy it was to become a spy, 70 years ago it was easy to join an organization to spy on countries. Now of days to become an agent you must,                                             Develop your skills. Spies tend to come from varied backgrounds with a variety of skills that include foreign languages, cultural education, computer skills and people skills. Spies are typically highly educated and applicants who hold a bachelors degree at minimum are preferred. A GPA of 3.0 is usually preferred as well. Candidates should have a keen interest in foreign affairs, and they should also possess the ability to talk clearly and effectively both orally and in writing. Spies communicate with people from around the world and should know at least 3 dialogs.

Join the military.Many intelligence operatives have military experience when they are hired by an intelligence agency. Elite military units offer soldiers training in linguistics, codes, military tactics, combat skills, firearms training and even stealth. These skills are particularly useful for spies and field operatives.           

Apply to an intelligence agency. In the U.S., the CIA is the intelligence agency that hires clandestine spies. If you meet the agency's prerequisites, the organization will place you in a training program. The CIA's Clandestine Service Program accepts applicants between the ages of 25 and 35 who have military experience. The agency's Professional Trainee Program accepts applicants who who are between the ages of 21 and 25 and who lack experience in the field. These latter positions are typically headquarters based, allowing potential agents to get a feel for the agency and the nature of the work before moving on to clandestine operations.

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