Lily Sergeyev, a Frenchwoman of White Russian origin, had agreed to come to England as a double agent on condition that her beloved little dog, Babs, was smuggled in for her by MI5. When MI5 failed to do that, she was so angry she looked for revenge. Lily believed Babs had been sacrificed by MI5 – had been killed as a convenient solution to Lily’s nagging and threats about ceasing to mislead German Intelligence. We can never truly understand the close relationship Lily had with her dog. We have all had a dog or maybe lost one but every day Lily was reminded that the double cross system she worked for double crossed her.

Michele Collings Jimeson
3/4/2018 08:59:50 pm

Lily was quite certain that the British shot her dog to rid themselves of the inconvenience of having to deal with the issue. After the war Lily married my father, an American Major. She was a young woman with only her dog as her companion in a field where deception was the game. However, the idea that she would betray the British and therefore France is far fetched. She never would have done anything to harm the allied effort. She hated the German occupation of her homeland, France.

Lucy Hepworth
7/19/2018 03:13:47 am

From what I know of Lily I agree with your assessment Michele. Lily was a great friend of my grandparents Mary and Redvers Coate. When she stayed with them during the war she would set up her transmitter in the attic!. I have more regarding Lily if you are interested?.

9/10/2018 05:25:13 am

Hello Lucy.
I am working for Picasso Film production as researcher. We are working on project called « Spies of war » (co-production with T2MP, a French audiovisual production company). In your comment you mentioned that you have more regarding Lily. I would like to ask, if you have also some pictures regarding her. We are extremely interesting to add some pictures of her to episode 01 called D-DAY SPIES. Please, if you have or you know where we can found some pictures of her, let me know.
Please, contact me by mail oli.valdmanova@picassofilm.com
Thank you in advance.
OLI Valdmanová

michele jimeson
7/19/2018 05:53:35 am

Lucy, I would love to make contact with you! You can reach me at Micoleus@yahoo.com Please use "Lily" in the subject line so I will know it is you and don't delete! Thank you for responding.


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