Roman Czerniawski was born on 6 February 1910. When the war started  Roman Czerniawski was hired as a captain in the Polish Air Force. He was ordered to leave Warsaw for Romania. He was assigned as an intelligence officer with the 1st Polish Division of Grenadiers. After having been offered safety by the Germans, he was sent to England as an agent. However, he made himself known to the British authorities. He was de-briefed by the British (MI6) and Polish authorities about the security lapses of his organization in France. He was then employed as a double agent by MI5 using the codename "Brutus" (after Caesar's friend and assassin) under their Double Cross System. His strong anti-Russian attitude, manifested in the denouncing of a Polish officer who attended an official reception at the Soviet Embassy through pamphleting, led to doubts about his suitability. For this act of mutiny against the Polish authorities he was arrested and imprisioned. MI5 produced a cover story that his had been detained in a sweep of "anti-Bolshevik" Poles

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