During WW2 agents were armed with cool gadgets. We all have seen spy movies where they have very advanced technology. We have changed much in the technology department. In 40s a camera in a button on a coat with a huge shutter in the pocket, was pretty advanced compared to what a average camera looked like. A simple domino can hold a secret message behind its dots. An umbrella can projectile a sharp knife into a unsuspecting terrorist. Now a days we can use a camera size if a kernel. Write seemingly unbreakable codes into a grain of rice. A gun the size of a banana can shoot like a machine gun. Our technology is constantly changing and improving. Maybe in he future we will be using phones that are see through, or maybe drive a car that will run on corn and egg shells.
Alexa Lemos
12/11/2013 09:25:15 am

The whole domino holding a secret message and umbrella being able to project a knife is really cool. I really do wonder how our technology will change and how people will come up with ways to create it.

Emily Hill
12/12/2013 03:26:19 am

Its crazy all of the gadgets there really can be


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