secret spies living next door? 

You see them every day, you wave to them as you drive to work. You think you know your neighbors, but do you? How do we know if Jerry down the street is a teacher, or Marry who has lived behind you for years is actually a manager at drug store. Easily people can live double lives maybe your close friends work for government. Hollywood has filled our brains with people who they think are spy agents from 007 to Jason Born. How do we know what real spies look like? The answer is we don't, so next time you see your neighbor, think do you really know them as well as you think.  
Alexa Lemos
12/11/2013 09:22:01 am

This is a really cool proposition. It's kind of creepy in a way to think of our neighbors just next door having a completely different lifestyle than what I know of now. It really makes me think.

Emily Hill
12/11/2013 09:42:59 am

You never really know your friends the spies have been trained to be secretive and spy like so you never know


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